Due Diligence
  • An Electronic Data Room (EDR) has been established by the co-owners to facilitate the provision of due diligence information.
  • Access to the EDR will be granted upon execution of a Confidentiality Deed Poll and acceptance of the terms of the data room protocol. Please contact one of the exclusive agents to arrange access to the EDR.
Expression of Interest
  • Expressions of Interest should be lodged to the selling agents.
  • Expressions of Interest should include the following key terms:
    • Name and details of proposed purchasing entity;
    • Offer price;
    • Details of capacity to complete the transaction including requirement to raise equity and/or debt;
    • Details of any conditions or approvals required;
    • Timetable for due diligence, execution of contract and settlement; and
    • Contact details.
  • A Letter of Intent (LOI) template will be made available in the data room. You must lodge your Expression of Interest using this LOI template.
Changes to the Process
  • The sellers in their absolute discretion reserve the right to change, postpone or cancel the proposed sale and to modify or add any terms and conditions to the proposed contract or other material associated with or disclosed in relation to the proposed sale, which has been or may be made available to a potential purchaser. Nothing in this document obliges the sellers to negotiate, or endeavour to sell, the property or reach any agreement with any party.


This document was prepared by CBRE (C) Pty Limited trading as CBRE 64 003 205 552 and Jones Lang LaSalle (QLD) Pty Limited 40 010 411 140 (“Selling Agents”) to assist any potential purchaser, contracting party or other recipient (collectively, the “Recipient”) to determine whether they may be interested in offering to purchase the property (or, if applicable, any direct or indirect beneficial interest in any entity that owns the property) (“Asset”) and participate in the sale process contemplated in this document (“Purpose”).
This document is provided for general information purposes only, without taking into account any person’s objectives or financial position, and does not purport to contain all information that that may be relevant for the Purpose. This document, and any related information provided for the Purpose, should not be relied on by any Recipient in considering the merits of any particular transaction. Each Recipient should undertake their own detailed due diligence enquiries and investigations regarding the Asset and any present or future use, potential financial return, liability, or other matter, related to the Asset.
This document may contain forward looking statements, forecasts, estimates and projections or statements concerning the past performance of the Asset. The Selling Agents, along with MAC Australian Mid TC Pty Ltd ACN 619 182 651 as trustee for MAC Eastcoast Mid Trust ABN 92 347 572 842 and Trinkaus Australien Immobilien-Fonds Nr 1 Treuhand GmbH ARBN 128 822 328 as trustee under instrument 711402403 (Sellers) and the Sellers’ ‘related entities’ (as that term is defined under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) as well as any investment or asset manager of the Sellers (including 151 Property Services Manager Pty Ltd ACN 624 111 002 and Blackstone Real Estate Australia Pty Limited ACN 604 167 651 and affiliates of funds managed or advised by that entity or its affiliates) (collectively, the “Sellers’ Associates”) do not make any express or implied representation or warranty that the information in this document (including any such statements, forecasts, estimates or projections) is accurate, complete or correct. Recipients should make their own investigations and enquiries.
To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Selling Agents, the Sellers, and the Sellers’ Associates, and their respective directors, officers, employees, consultants and agents are released from, and are not in any way liable to the Recipient or any other person for, any action, claim, cost, loss, damage or expense arising directly or indirectly from any such information or any reliance on, or error or omission in, such information.
This document is not a disclosure statement, prospectus or other offering document and does not constitute an offer to sell, or sale of, the Asset, and is not an offer to sell or solicitation for an offer to buy, an interest in a Sellers’ Associates fund (each a Fund). If such offer is made, it will only be made to qualifying investors by means of an offering memorandum or prospectus, which may be amended, supplemented or restated from time to time, which would contain material information (including certain risks of investing in such Fund) not in this document. The Sellers may, in their absolute discretion, at any time, cancel or change the terms of any sale process related to the Asset. By accepting this document, the Recipient: (a) acknowledges that it understands the contents of this disclaimer and agrees to be bound by the above terms; (b) agrees to keep confidential all information in this document.